The Ardechoise : The Chestnut

Saint-Félicien > Saint-Félicien
By bikeDifficult573 km0One way
75 Impasse du Gymnase
07410 Saint-Félicien
75 Impasse du Gymnase
07410 Saint-Félicien
Named after the chestnut - the signature fruit of the area – the circuit passes through the heart of Ardèche, including Privas, the capital of glazed chestnuts. You will alternate between mountainous areas and bright fresh valleys, both gentle and deep, where rivers, streams and natural springs flow. Discover village life throughout the seasons, enjoy the architecture and markets where you'll find all sorts of homegrown specialities – cheese, meat products and a whole variety of fruit including raspberries, blueberries, chestnuts and peaches – each with their own particular flavour from the land where they were grown.

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Agence Développement Touristique de l'Ardèche
Pôle Bésignoles, 6 Rte des Mines, 07000 Privas
07000 Privas
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Agence Développement Touristique de l'Ardèche