Dolce Via - Le Cheylard to Saint-Agrève

Le Cheylard > Saint-Agrève
By bikeEasy26.3 km3 h 41 minOne way
35 Route d'Eyrium
07160 Le Cheylard
150 Place de la Gare
07320 Saint-Agrève
As soon as it leaves Le Cheylard, the cycle route changes its scenery: the Dolce Via, with the Eyrieux as its main thread, now runs into the steep valleys of the Boutières. If today the route can be travelled by bike without effort, imagine for a moment the construction of the railway at the end of the 19th century, which is the result of a real technological feat due to the nature of the terrain. The last vestiges of this extraordinary railway past, the viaducts, tunnels, bridges and trenches, all carved out with the strength of your wrist, accompany you to Saint-Agrève. A colourful and easy walk.

Your contact

Agence Développement Touristique de l'Ardèche
Pôle Bésignoles, 6 Rte des Mines, 07000 Privas
07000 Privas
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Negative elevation (descent): 511 m
Positive elevation (ascent): 1130 m

Route development

0.1% shared roads
99% cycle paths
93% cycle routes
99% greenways

Road surfaces

2.49 km on asphalt or tarred road
4.20 km on unknown surface in the Open Street Map database
5.23 km on rolling path (compacted sand, gravel, cobblestones)
14.4 km on trail and off-road track

Agence Développement Touristique de l'Ardèche