• The Blue Trail
  • The Blue Trail
  • The Blue Trail
  • The Blue Trail
  • The Blue Trail
789 Boulevard Charles de Gaulle
07500 Guilherand-Granges


07130 Châteaubourg

1 h 27 min
12.0 km
Very easy
Commuter Bikes

This 12km trail for walkers and cyclists runs alongside the Rhone between Guilherand-Granges and Châteaubourg.

Heading towards Guilherand-Granges, users can join the trail just 100m from the ViaRhôna car park at Pont des Lônes, direction Soyons. However the north-bound junction with ViaRhôna for the 2km between Châteaubourg and Glun, is still to be completed. Half the trail has been resurfaced, the rest covered with tarmac.

Most of the trail follows the river bank, passing through an unspoilt natural environment rich in fauna and flora, and car parks and picnic areas along the route provide easy access for everybody. At various points, the Blue Trail also links into 300km of walking trails that spread through the 13 communes that make up the Rhône Crussol area.

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