L'Ardéchoise : La Méridionale

Saint-Félicien > Saint-Félicien
By bikeDifficult625 km42 h 12 minOne way
75 Impasse du Gymnase
07410 Saint-Félicien
75 Impasse du Gymnase
07410 Saint-Félicien
The longest circuit on the "Routes of the Ardéchoise" has the good taste to take in the neighbouring regions of Gard, Lozère and Haute-Loire to supply a whole host of contrasts - and cols to be crossed! The longest circuit of 'Sur les Routes de l'Ardéchoise'. It skirts the neighbouring counties of the Gard, the Lozère and the Haute-Loire to offer even more contrasting scenery and ...more hill valleys to traverse. The circuit is a mini replica of the Ardèche, revealing its volcanic, Mediterranean and Cévenol terrain. The landscape changes colour with the seasons and you'll discover all the iconic products of the Ardèche - chestnuts, wines, lavender, fruit, farm cheese and hams. And you'll receive a warm welcome in the villages, each one full of traditional charm as expected from villages designated as a 'village de caractère'.

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Agence Développement Touristique de l'Ardèche
Pôle Bésignoles, 6 Rte des Mines, 07000 Privas
07000 Privas
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Agence Développement Touristique de l'Ardèche